Our Tenants

Put the right people in the right environment and great ideas aren’t just possible, they’re nearly inevitable.

Beam specializes in the development of urban workspace for startups, creative firms and other companies whose success hinges on ideas. Beam tenants work side by side in space intentionally designed to bring ideas to life: open floor plans that are heavy on flexibility and light on overhead, with plenty of common space where people and businesses can share ideas, experience, and points of view.

Our Story

Beam Development is a progressive real estate development and management company, committed to long-term local investment and a community-driven vision of developing flexible living and work spaces. Beam strives to cultivate projects that catalyze their surrounding economies and create dynamic places where people want to work, live and play. 

Beam sees opportunities in emerging neighborhoods to create animated centers of creative office, residential and retail. These centers attract and support some of the most innovative companies and individuals in Portland, creative tenants who want spaces that reinforce their values of originality, authenticity and innovation, which Beam delivers through thoughtful design, attention to historic context, and shared amenities.  Beam maintains a pulse on the new generation of creative commerce in Portland and thereby fosters a personal approach to development, leasing and property management, creating and curating projects that respond to actual community demand. Over the past two decades, Beam’s property acquisition and development has been driven by a few core principles: acquiring undervalued assets; finding creative solutions to redevelopment opportunities; investing for the long-term in central city neighborhoods; and maintaining a close relationship with our tenants. 

Our Team